One city, three photographers and the Leica M-D

A journey with the Leica M-D through the streets of Porto

If music is the universal language, then photography is the language of your inner self. It’s the constant art of observation that comes with discipline, patience, criteria, and openness.

There comes a point in time when one must look back at the past and observe what can be learned in order to improve the future. This happens in almost every aspect of the human life, and it very much happens with photography. A single camera is capable of doing this. Of inspiring and reinvigorating three professional photographers who may come from different backgrounds or speak different languages, but are united by the language of photography, in a journey that takes them to a city with a unique camera, bringing the past to the present, reimagining the future and exploring their inner selves.

Here, we unravel the new Leica M-D through the eyes of Nicholas La, Rui Palha, and Daniel Arnold.

LeicaM-D05aNicholas La

LeicaM-D05bRui Palha

LeicaM-D05cDaniel Arnold

— – —

One city, three photographers and the Leica M-D
continue at: leica-camera


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