Earth by Max Serradifalco

Earth by Max Serradifalco

MaxSerradifalco04aWLP 12 The blowing of Abu Dhabi
— – —

MaxSerradifalco04bWLP 22 Qatar
— – —

MaxSerradifalco04cWLP 3
— – —

MaxSerradifalco04dEarth / Portrait 1
— – —

MaxSerradifalco04eWLP 28 Namibia
— – —

About Max Serradifalco
was born in Palermo in 1978, lives and works in London. The great passion for nature and for experimentation led him in 2011 to devise the “Web Landscape Photography”. He has virtual traveled throughout planet in search of a new way to observe and reinterpret the natural landscapes of the Earth, becoming the first photographer that has made reportages making use of the satellite maps, through the web, without any manipulation.

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