Carla DLM

My name is Carla de la Matta. I am known as Carla DLM in the photography community. I moved to the New York City area in 2014 and, since then, the city has become a central subject in my work. I have a particular passion for camera movement and distortion. For this, I both work with multiple exposures directly in the camera and/or use photo editing software.
I love to capture this wonderful city and its iconic places from my own point of view and also to let my imagination take over and use them as building blocks of abstract images. Every day I discover and explore new directions in my photographic journey.

CarlaDLM04a CarlaDLM04b CarlaDLM04c CarlaDLM04d CarlaDLM04e© Carla DLM
© Loïc Remy – ELREM

more in: Photographize E | Magazine
Arts & Photography
Issue 30, March 2016


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