Selective focus

Depth of field is one of the key creative tools in a photographer’s armoury. Shooting with a wide aperture creates a shallower depth of field in the image, allowing the photographer to make only a selected portion of the image sharp, with the rest of the image artfully blurred. This use of what is often called ‘selective focus’ can draw attention to one area of the image, and one element of the subject. As an example, in portraiture it can draw attention to the eyes. In plant photography it can pick out one flower amongst many. …

Selectivefocus04aDouble King by Erik Niko
— – —

Selectivefocus04bGreen Parrot snake close-up by Jim Cumming
— – —

Selectivefocus04cDragonfly by Barbara Geiger
— – —

Selectivefocus04dThe Bubble by John Speis
— – —

Selectivefocus04eColorful Spider by Duc Tran
— – —

Selective focus
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