Children and Animals

Children and Animals Photo Contest Winners
“There are two things in the world that go unrivaled on the cuteness scale, animals and children. When coupled together, they’re formidable.This contest was such a treat. Each image was outstanding, which made my task of choosing winners very, very difficult. Well done to all of you for such beautiful images.” – Stacey L. Pearsall

ChildrenAndAnimals04aCongratulations People’s Choice “Trust” by Wiktoria_irwin

ChildrenAndAnimals04bCongratulations Grand Jury Winner “Wonder.” by shubbsphotography

ChildrenAndAnimals04cCongratulations Runner Up “Picnic” by smithcreative

ChildrenAndAnimals04dCongratulations Runner Up “Beauty Within… ” by liliaalvarado

ChildrenAndAnimals04eCongratulations Amateur Winner “Morning Friends” by ks_pics

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Children and Animals
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