Vogue Australia April 2016 by Mario Testino

Mario Testino introduces his guest edited issue of Vogue Australia.
This is the 10th special edition of an international Vogue that I’ve guest-edited. It’s a milestone for me, both in number but also in its creation. When I do these issues, I usually come to the place in which they’re rooted to really absorb everything they’re about, as the place is so important to the identity of the magazine and the audience. I was surprised and inspired by so much that Australia had to offer, both before I arrived and even more so when I touched down in early January to begin working on this issue. Australia, and specifically Sydney (where I spent much of my time on this trip), really moved me in many ways. I travel almost constantly for my work and have done so for pretty much my entire career. It’s rare that I stay in a place longer than four or five days before I’m back on a plane and going to the next job. This time, however, I ended up changing my entire plans to stay in Sydney longer than I was meant to. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Vogue Australia April 2016 by Mario Testino
via thefashionspot


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