Built to Walk

Built to Walk
Whether you live in a big city, or small town, in a migrant camp or on a farm, find an original, meaningful, artful way to capture the true essence of human migration or movement—one of the defining qualities of being human.

BuiltToWalk03aRed Tunnel
Photograph by Satoshi Okazaki
— – —

BuiltToWalk03bUnder construction
Photograph by Juan Cristobal Cobo
— – —

BuiltToWalk03cLifes Journey
Photograph by Dave Parmelee
— – —

BuiltToWalk03dThe Agora
Photograph by Arno Maetens
— – —

BuiltToWalk03eGlory Morning…
Photograph by Neetesh Kumar
— – —

BuiltToWalk03fSong of the Little Road
Photograph by Achal Mishra
— – —

BuiltToWalk03gBen Youssef
Photograph by Takashi Nakagawa
— – —

more at: nationalgeographic

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