2015 Readers’ Photo Contest Gallery: Winners and Finalists

2015 Readers’ Photo Contest Gallery: Winners and Finalists

RPC2015pop03aGrand Prize Winner – Tamara J. Rodgers
When a baby raccoon was saved from a fall into a job site at just a few days old, Tamara J. Rodgers and her family jumped to the rescue. After they cared for the little creature and named her Squirrel-Girl, the loyal raccoon denied the family’s multiple attempts to release her into the wild, and she is now their companion.

RPC2015pop03bLandscapes Category Winner – Shane Wheel
Shane Wheel captured this breathtaking scene while exploring the Vatnajökull Glacier National Park in Iceland. The park, home to one of the largest ice caps in Europe, was the perfect setting to create an ice-cave self-portrait. “I wanted to capture the color, texture, and size of the cave in a way that created a sense of space and perspective,” Wheel explains.

RPC2015pop03cAnimals/Nature Category Winner – Ramesh Chandar
Upon hearing that a great gray owl had been spotted in a field two hours from his home, Ramesh Chandar set out to capture a photograph of the beautiful creature. Relentless determination was essential to this stunning wildlife portrait, for which Chandar had to brave icy winter elements and return to the site on 15 different occasions in order to get the perfect shot.

RPC2015pop03dArchitecture Category Winner – Slobodan Blagojevic
While gazing up at the Aqua building in Chicago, Slobodan Blagojevic was determined to find a new angle (literally) for photographing this well-known architectural landmark. “If you stand very close to it and look up, it offers almost endless variations of shapes and forms, as no two balconies are the same,” he says. After about two dozen frames, this winning image was actually Blagojevic’s last attempt.

RPC2015pop03ePeople Category Winner – Krista Long
When a water gun fight broke out between family and friends in the backyard of her sister’s home, Krista Long was camera-ready to capture the excitement. “I have always been interested in photographing the activities of everyday family life,” she says, “and I am drawn to motion and movement.”

RPC2015pop03fSports Category Winner – Braxton Wilhelmsen
A photographer by profession, Braxton Wilhelmsen is also an avid ping-pong player. While searching for new subjects to shoot for his portfolio, Wilhelmsen turned to the Table Tennis Training & Events Center in Salt Lake City for inspiration. With a Paul C. Buff AlienBees B800 flash in hand, he entered the club on the search for the perfect action photo.

RPC2015pop03gStill Life Category Winner – Coriolana Simon
Coriolana Simon has long admired 17th century Dutch still-life paintings and has taken on the challenge to interpret them photographically. While she doesn’t recreate specific works, Simon uses historically accurate props to create her still lifes. She also uses the natural light from two windows in her studio to echo the period’s lighting technique.

more details and the finalists at: popphoto


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