Shoot what you love | Brad Olson

Brad Olson specialises in fashion, editorial and commercial photography and brings his experiences from video production, graphic design and music to create a visual style that is uniquely his own.

BradOlson03aBrad Olson: Photographer.
Brad is a PhotoVogue Artist, a Nikon Pro, and is represented by the FORD / Robert Black Agency. His images are represented by Art + Commerce and The Licensing Project.

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Life In The City | 5 Top Most Influential Active Urban & Street Photographers

Life In The City | 5 Top Most Influential Active Urban & Street Photographers
Joel Meyerowitz,Thomas Leuthard, BOOGIE, Eric Kim and Martin Parr.

Joel Meyerowitz
The Only Professional Photographer To Have Access To The Site In The Months After 9/11. Meyerowitz has spent a full month taking photographs of Ground Zero for the Museum of City of the New York archives.
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Thomas Leuthard
My name is Thomas Leuthard and I am a passionate street photographer based in the heart of Switzerland. I travel to the big cities of this world to witness and document life on the street.
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Vladimir Milivojevich is considered ”one of the most influential photographers of street culture in the new millennium,” but you may know him as Boogie, The native of Belgrade, Serbia got his start began documenting rebellion and unrest during the civil war that ravaged his country in the 1990s, and the experience seemed to have a profound effect not only on him, but on his work as well.
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Eric Kim
Eric Kim is a photography teacher currently based in Berkeley, California.He is a street photographer that maintains one of the most -if not the most- informative blogs about Street Photography.
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Martin Parr
Martin Parr was born in Epsom, Surrey in 1952. As a boy, his grandfather encouraged his interest in photography, and Parr went on to study it at Manchester Polytechnic. He has since worked on numerous photographic projects that flaunt his provocative photographic style, one humorously defined by the moral atrophy and preposterousness of modern times.
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5 Top Most Influential Active Urban & Street Photographers
from: Lens Magazine – March 2016 #18

Fine Art Photography Magazine
Life In The City

Instagram Stars Share the Secrets to Taking Amazing Photos

Want to take your Instagram feed to the next level? Or just want to snap better vacation pictures? We reached out to some of our favorite ’grammers to get their secrets. But don’t worry—while they expertly capture gorgeous landscapes, the perfect latte, portraits of friends, and mesmerizing street scenes, they are all self-taught photographers and have some seriously down-to-earth advice. Here, from the cameras to use (yes, they actually use their iPhones sometimes) to the secret to capturing the perfect light, these are the tips and tricks you need to seriously elevate your photos.

InstagramS03aPhoto: Courtesy of Joann Pai / @sliceofpai

InstagramS03bPhoto: Courtesy of Nicholas La / @Nikk_la

InstagramS03cPhoto: Courtesy of Uzma Mir / @uzma_mir__

InstagramS03dPhoto: Courtesy of Paulo del Valle / @paulo_delvalle

InstagramS03ePhoto: Courtesy of Cédric Dasesson / @cedricdasesson

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Instagram Stars Share the Secrets to Taking Amazing Photos

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Fuji X-Pro2 | Test

Le X-Pro2 inaugure le capteur X-Trans III, un CMOS 24 Mpix qui améliore la résolution et conserve le même rendu en haute sensibilité que le X-Pro1.
Jpeg excellents, AF réactif, viseur hybride, agrément d’emploi: ce boitier typé reportage est d’une redoutable efficacité.
N’a-t-il vraiment aucun défaut ?

FujiXPro2a FujiXPro2b FujiXPro2c FujiXPro2d FujiXPro2e FujiXPro2fTest complet Fuji X-Pro2
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Chasseur d’images Nº82 – Avril 2016

Fuji X70 | Test

Le X70 complète l’offre de Fuji en matière de compacts à grand capteur et focale fixe.
Ce boitier équipé d’un équivalent 28mm est moins encombrant que le X100t mais il perd le génial viseur hybride.
Il conserve toutefois la qualité d’image de son ainé.

FujiX70a FujiX70b FujiX70c FujiX70dTest complet Fuji X70
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Chasseur d’images Nº82 – Avril 2016

Meet the A-List

Every year at the Master Photography Awards hundreds of photographs win through to the Merit level required for exhibition, or achieve an Award of Excellence shortlisting them for a title. Most of these images are from qualified Licentiates – it’s not always the acclaimed Associates and Fellows who come out on top. Here’s our A-List… a selection of Licentiates who surely must be in line to go for Associateship and change LMPA to AMPA judging by their consistent success in the latest and previous annual awards.

AList03aby Panikos Hajistilly

AList03bby Andy Griffin

AList03cby Jules Hunter

AList03dby John McHale

AList03eby Sandra Parris

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Meet the A-List
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