The Potential of Black and White

Get ready to really appreciate the potential of black and white photography and it’s capability to show inner moods of the photographers. It is a rewarding and challenging field of artistic photography, that allows you to discover a whole new character in a familiar subject, street life, glimpses of human interaction, landscape, architecture and more. Often the image you assume will convert beautifully to black and white will prove a disappointment; sometimes a photo you never imagined will surprise you.

CameraPixoBW03a CameraPixoBW03b CameraPixoBW03c CameraPixoBW03d CameraPixoBW03e CameraPixoBW03f CameraPixoBW03g CameraPixoBW03h CameraPixoBW03iIn this issue, photographers from all corners of the earth are bringing the art form back to its colorless origins with striking images that put the focus on composition, subject, and portraiture. They have exposed different viewpoints and new ideas and perspectives that fuel the creative process and innovation. Feast your eyes on black and white beauties of urban life, abstractions, and more, because there is no place to hurry in art, it requires dedication and time.
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The Potential of Black and White
more at: camerapixo


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