She Who Tells A Story

She Who Tells A Story

BoushraAlmutawakel03Boushra Almutawakel,
Born in Yemen in 1969, lives in Sana’A, Yemen and Paris.
“I wanted to explore the many faces and facets of the veil based on my own personal experiences and observations: the convenience, freedom, strength, the power, liberation, limitations, danger, humor, irony, the variety, cultural, social, and religious aspects, the beauty, mystery….”
The first photograph in “The Hijab” series shows a young woman veiling herself with the American flag. Created in 2001 in response to 9/11, the image questions the charged symbolism of the headscarf—particularly in Western media—as well as the implications of wearing one’s national identity on one’s head.

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ShirinNeshat03Shirin Neshat,
Born in Iran in 1957, lives in New York City and Iran.
The series “The Book of Kings” (2012) marks a return to black-and-white photography. It is composed of portraits of groups Neshat calls the Masses, the Patriots, and the Villains… The Patriots consist of six large waist-length portraits of four men and two women, holding their hands in front of their hearts in a universal gesture of feeling and conviction. The size of written characters across the print gets progressively smaller from the top to the bottom of the portrait. The verses are broken into columns, and the spaces between the columns create two parallel vertical lines on the figures’ faces; their eyes, free of calligraphy, confront the viewer… “The Book of Kings” reflects Neshat’s artistic development and evolution since her “Women of Allah” series. In this series, which is devoid of religious symbolism, she continues to pursue visible paradoxes of past and present, and power and submission, through a poetic choreography of portraiture and history.

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She Who Tells A Story

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