Creative B&W Photo Artistry

Pushing photography further
There is something enchanting about creating photos and artwork in black and white …

Without the weight of color to distract us, what remains is tone and texture, line and composition.  And in this simplification, a certain clarity emerges — in which we can find (if we pause a moment to really see it) something akin to poetr akin to poetry, something akin to truth…
– Sebastian Michaels

CreativeBW03aConcentration, Keith G. Hawley
— – —

CreativeBW03bImpression of the Venice Carnival, Wouter J. van Duin
— – —

CreativeBW03cEthereal Pier, John Maslowski
— – —

CreativeBW03dBlooms and Branches, Cindy Collier Harris
— – —

CreativeBW03eThe Boardwalk to Infinity, David Walker
— – —

Creative B&W Photo Artistry



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