Bird Photographer of the Year Awards

Bird Photographer of the Year is a new photographic competition in its inaugural year for 2015. The competition is a celebration of avian beauty and diversity, and a tribute to the flexibility and quality of today’s modern digital imaging systems.

Never before has there been a competition of this scale dedicated purely to the growing interest and passion for photographing one of the most interesting and engaging areas of natural history. The advent of digital technology has revolutionised photography in recent years and some fantastic images, of a quality that wouldn’t have been possible in the days of film, now proliferate on the Internet for millions to see.

248 images made it to the shortlist

birdpoty15aObserver by Bence Mate
— – —

birdpoty15bThe budgie tree by Paul Williams
— – —

birdpoty15cSocial network by Nikita Vetrennyi
— – —

birdpoty15dGreat-crested grebes by Austin Thomas
— – —

birdpoty15eby Tara Tanaka
— – —

birdpoty15fSanderlings in the surf by Kate Sweeney
— – —

birdpoty15gFlamingo scape by Chandrabhal Singh
— – —

birdpoty15hShout from the dusk by Uryadnikov Sergey
— – —

birdpoty15iby Alejandro Prieto Rojas
— – —

birdpoty15jby Michael Gallagher
— – —

Bird Photographer of the Year Awards

a lot more at: birdpoty15


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