The Smiles Behind The Style

The Smiles Behind The Style
In conversation with Lorenzo Agius and Cheryl Newman

LorenzoAgius02a LorenzoAgius02b LorenzoAgius02cAs an enduring creative partnership, the dream team of Canon Ambassador Lorenzo Agius and his longtime photo editor Cheryl Newman is highly impressive. In a special interview we look at the duo’s success and examine just a few of the iconic images created from over 200 photoshoots, including the Trainspotting film series of portraits that put Lorenzo on the map.

LorenzoAgius02d LorenzoAgius02e LorenzoAgius02fBack in 1994 Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president, pop group D:Ream released ‘Things can only get better’ and a young Cheryl Newman met a young Lorenzo Agius. Cheryl was starting her career working for the film title Premiere and Lorenzo had just arrived from rural Norfolk to London to seek success as a photographer. They collided and exploded onto the creative industry with crazy new ideas and a hunger for work and a determination to push the boundaries. It is a rare thing that creative partnerships like this last such a long time so we asked Cheryl to reminisce a little with Lorenzo and tell us how it all began…

LorenzoAgius02g LorenzoAgius02h LorenzoAgius02imore at: canon


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