Brice Harbert Photography

“For over 35 years, i have had a passion for fine art photography.  Until a few years ago, i concentrated on black and white fine art prints.  Tonalities, textures, contrasts, and forms can often be rendered best in the absence of color.  Today, however, digital technology has enabled me to produce color images with tonal and other controls that did not exist in the film era.  This technology has inspired and challenged me to work primarily in color.

Photographers are often asked:  “What camera do you use?”  Of course a good camera can make better pictures than a cell phone or point and shoot. However, given a certain level of camera and lens quality, the more important question to the photographer is :  “What did you do before and after you clicked the shutter?”  In making photos, I carefully consider the nature, direction, and quality of light, composition, and camera settings.  Then I spend hours and sometimes days processing each selected image in software.”

BriceHarbert02a BriceHarbert02b BriceHarbert02c BriceHarbert02d BriceHarbert02econtinue at: briceharbertphotography

via artspan


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