Cowboys by Dieter Blum

Everyone is familiar with the concept of the lonesome cowboy, a legendary American figure that has become a universal symbol for freedom, adventure, and independence thanks to westerns starring the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. This is the image a well-known cigarette company had in mind when, back in 1992, they commissioned Dieter Blum for an advertising campaign that was to become a part of photo history. In a project that lasted almost twelve years, Blum travelled to Texas, New Mexico and Utah, the homelands of American cowboys, to accompany them as they went about their daily work. Searching for authenticity, Blum eschewed models and make-up and focused on the essential: man and his horse. From the lasso-swinging cowboy on the fiery mustang galloping across the Texas prairie to the lone rider against the background of a glowing sunset, Dieter Blum’s cowboys have long become iconic.

DieterBlum02aRed Sky I
— – —

DieterBlum02bLonely Cowboy
— – —

DieterBlum02cWild Water
— – —

DieterBlum02dRed Sky II
— – —

DieterBlum02eWilder Reiter
— – —

Cowboys by Dieter Blum
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