Animals with the human touch

Welcome to Tim Flach’s wild world, where he gives animals an eerily human persona!
British photographer Tim Flach uses his technical and artistic skills to capture almost-human moments from a wide variety of creatures. His work helps us look at our animal cousins in more profound ways, as he explains to CPN Editor David Corfield…

TimFlachWW01a TimFlachWW01b TimFlachWW01c TimFlachWW01d TimFlachWW01e TimFlachWW01f— – —

“With a bird of prey, you generally have to get down low so you are non-threatening. If it’s a vulture, on the other hand, you have to stand up tall because if you don’t, you are food…”

Animals with the human touch
Tim Flach’s wild world

Capturing animals’ human side
continue at: canon-europe


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