John Thor | Black and White Artworks

My eyes are always seeking to mine the endless photographic treasures of the world!! I Love exploring the lost and forgotten places of America, as well as the exotic temples, jungles, and mystical ruins around the world! My favorite subjects are found scattered across the land in mostly desolate environments where they have been lost in time. It has always been one of my goals with photography to capture those mysterious places and things to preserve them for eternity. I have always been inspired by the work of Ansel Adams, Jerry Uelsman, and Edward Weston. I Love traveling, searching, exploring, and waiting for the world to reveal its next hidden treasure to my eyes! — John Thor

JohnThor01aJoshua Tree Sunrise
— – —

JohnThor01bWaves of Stone
— – —

JohnThor01cGateway To The Forest
— – —

JohnThor01dCity of Stone
— – —

JohnThor01eStoned Paradise
— – —

John Thor Photography
via saatchiart


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