5 Tips For Better Photography With Any Camera

5 Tips For Better Photography With Any Camera
by Dzvonko Petrovski

Blaming your camera gear for mistakes is a real no no in photography. In reality, a skilled photographer will be able to take great photos with any camera at their disposal and a little planning. …

5tips01aPhoto by Jason Devaun

No matter what camera you are using, if your composition is bad, there won’t be a good picture. Good composition will be one of the defining points in your picture, therefore plan your composition properly. …
As a part of the composition process, you should be aware of your framing as well. For example, you should never cut out any joint of the human body when it comes to portraiture, instead, the cut should be always somewhere in the middle of the hands/legs when you are cropping them out with the frame. …

5tips01bPhoto by See-ming Lee

No light means no photograph. Bad light, usually means a bad photograph. Being aware of the amount and the quality of the light when you are photographing a subject is imperative for a good result. …
Understanding color and color palettes is imperative to your photography. This applies to every single picture you take. Proper color combinations, whether it is complementary or contrasting colors , the proper combination can make or break an image. …

5tips01cPhoto by Kenta Mabuchi

Light is directly related to color and vice versa. Since there won’t be any color without light, and the light will adopt the color of the object upon reflection, you need to be able to effectively combine both into a compelling image. …

5tips01dPhoto by Nikola

5 Tips For Better Photography With Any Camera
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