Natural World and Sustainable Travel

Natural World and Sustainable Travel
from the Smithsonian Photo Contest 2015

SmithsonianPC01aThe vines growing on the trees of the Avenue of Oaks at Retreat Plantation on St. Simons Island on a foggy morning.
by Barbara Kraus
— – —

SmithsonianPC01bShan State of Myanmar
by Kyaw Zaw Lay
— – —

SmithsonianPC01cFishing Together
by Kyaw Zaw Lay
— – —

SmithsonianPC01dKee Gompa
one of the most beautiful and oldest monastery “GOMPA” in spiti valley this monastery accommodate almost 300 monks and is the biggest buddhist center of the Valley.
by Nakul Sharma
— – —

SmithsonianPC01eTrees are poems that earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness. -Kahlil Gibran
by Brad Goldpaint
— – —

SmithsonianPC01fRay of Light
Two young novice cleaning a temple at Bagan, Myanmar in the morning before tourists come to visit. This distinctive ray of light usually falls directly on the image of Buddha during Jun-July.
by Zay Yar Lin
— – —

SmithsonianPC01gSawdust burst.
A female Black-cheeked Woodpecker spits chuncks of dead wood out of a cavity nest she is building in Costa Rica.
by Juan Carlos Vindas
— – —

SmithsonianPC01hElephant seal pup gets struck by a wave on South Georgia
Young Elephant seals were sprawled all over the upper beaches of South Georgia (in the remote sub-Antarctic region of the Atlantic), but for some reason this youngster had chose to lie down to rest right within the surf!
by Anthony Smith
— – —

Sunrise on Oka river
by Aleksei Mikhailov
— – —

Light refracts through the curves of a breaking wave.
by Ray Collins
— – —

Natural World and Sustainable Travel

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