lensculture Street Photography Awards 2015

lensculture Street Photography Awards 2015
Announcing the Winners & Finalists!

MartinRoemers01a MartinRoemers01b MartinRoemers01c MartinRoemers01d MartinRoemers01e1st Place Séries
Martin Roemers, Netherlands

— – —

LensCulture is proud to present these 31 photographers who show us, each in their own way, why street photography today remains as fresh and vibrant as ever! With excellent submissions coming from 115 countries, our jury of international photography experts had difficult decisions to make — but their final selections represent a delightful cross-section of today’s best street photographers, hailing from all over the world.

Photography and the street have gone together since the invention of the camera. Though we might expect that it has all been done before, this award-winning work attests to street photography’s continuing relevance in 2015. With its unending capacity for surprise, we depend on street photography to show us our surroundings with fresh eyes and we are pleased to see the genre is alive and thriving. From urban geometry to biting social commentary, these street photographs take us on a tour of many of the cultures alive across the globe. We hope you enjoy!

more at: lensculture


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