Face to Face

Two of the world’s biggest names in both fashion design and photography step into the same frame for a reunion ten years in the making …
V Magazine #99 Spring Preview 2016 : Hedi Slimane & Karl Lagerfeld

facetoface01a“Karl and I had not taken photographs together for more than 10 years. The last time I photographed him was on his property in Biarritz working at Dior Homme. We used to live one building apart on the Rive Gauche and, before I moved to California in 2008, we used to have really fun dinners all the time. I love Karl’s wit, his sincerity and curiosity for emerging cultures, and his intuitive perception for what is about to happen.” HEDI SLIMANE

facetoface01b“I met Hedi 20 years ago when he visited my studio. I liked him instantly, without knowing what he did. Then Stephen [Gan] asked me to photograph his clothes for Dior [Homme] backstage at his first show, for V. I saw that in order to wear his clothes, one had to be skinny, so I went on a diet. From then on I felt good in his clothes, as I do again today. Gaga had a good idea for us to photograph each other. In a way, not seeing each other for all those years felt like five minutes when we saw each other again. That happens with true friends. My photographic style of no style is very different from his. I loved the mood on the street that night. I like Hedi’s mystery and that’s what I had hoped to capture here.” KARL LAGERFELD

facetoface01cHedi Slimane by Karl Lagerfeld

facetoface01dKarl Lagerfeld by Hedi Slimane

facetoface01eFace to Face

via thefashionspot


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