Ansel Adams: Before & After

Ansel Adams: Before & After
Experience Ansel Adams’ iconic images in a new light – set amongst the work of predecessors, peers and contemporary photographers.

BeforeAfter12a© Bob Kolbrener, Portrait of Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA, 2006. Image courtesy of Lumière.
— – —

Co-organized by Booth Western Art Museum and Lumière of Atlanta, Ansel Adams: Before & After highlight’s Adams’ career, work, and contributions to the field in the larger context of creative photography of the 20th century. Featuring over 100 images, including a cross-section of over 25 original photographs by Adams, the works represent 24 photographers who influenced Adams, worked at the same time as peers, or are contemporary artists and professional image makers who have been influenced by his legacy. Among these original photographs are iconic or well-known images that comprise some of the most famous or critically acclaimed art photographs ever created.

BeforeAfter12b© Rex Naden, Vision of Clarity, 2013. Image courtesy of Lumière.
— – —

more details at: boothmuseum

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