The Possibilities of Street Photography

Photographers have played with and explored street photography since the beginning of photography itself — capturing anonymous moments of beauty, grace, absurdity, sorrow, delight, outrage, and more.

Cities and towns and even small rural villages can feel like movie sets, with something always happening, always changing and with new characters walking onto the stage and interacting with each other at any moment. From simple, everyday occurrences to news events that ripple out and touch people continents apart — great street photography often brings it all together in a memorable way…

StreetPhotos12aArth Figueroa Jumagdao
— – —

StreetPhotos12bBenedict Bacon
— – —

StreetPhotos12cAlphan Yilmazmaden
— – —

StreetPhotos12dMark Hewlett
— – —

StreetPhotos12eCostantino Monteleone
— – —

StreetPhotos12fCarter Ray
— – —

StreetPhotos12gPaulo Henrique Pampolin
— – —

StreetPhotos12hJosé Luis Vilar Jordán
— – —

StreetPhotos12iRick Perez
— – —

from: 21st Century Street Photography: 250 New Examples
Selection and text by Jim Casper
more at: lensculture

StreetPhotos12jChristian Barroso
— – —
“All the world’s a stage”
—William Shakespeare, As You Like It


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