The Sacred Landscape

The Sacred Landscape
The idea of doing a story based on images that focused on merging worlds was challenging in many ways. First and most importantly is the fact that every person has a unique way of seeing the world as well as interpreting words and concepts in ways that are profound to each individual. In addition, I thought that it would be incredibly complicated to then select images that were intriguing pieces of a puzzle, a visual narrative that collectively related a compelling story of the human experience on earth. Lastly, to capture timelessness is like taking a photograph of a dream, and so fitting for this assignment titled The Sacred Landscape. …

sacred12aWealon B.
— – —

sacred12bRaymond Choo
— – —

sacred12cJoseph Thomas
— – —

sacred12dPeter Kurdulija
— – —

sacred12eAnton Jankovoy
— – —

sacred12fS. Luk
— – —

from “23 photos selected by Fabio Esteban Amador”

more at nationalgeographic


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