Natural Beauty by James Houston

“By celebrating the incredible beauty that exists in nature, my hope is that these images will inspire people to appreciate and value nature’s beauty. The environment is a gift we can’t afford to take for granted. We all need to do our part to protect it.”
-James Houston

JamesHouston11aCaitriona Balfe by James Houston
Model Caitriona Balfe appears enveloped in mystical energy, in this surreal James Houston photograph.
Majestic orange canyon walls rise up behind her while her black crepe gown blows over her head as if caught in an otherworldly wind.
— – —

JamesHouston11bArizona Muse by James Houston
Super model, Arizona Muse is naturally stunning in this James Houston portrait.
Shot in black and white, the bare-shouldered Muse clutches a flaxen-haired child, their bent arms mirroring one another.
— – —

JamesHouston11cEniko Mihalik by James Houston
Model, Eniko Mihalik appears radiant in this James Houston photograph, dangling over the branches of a tree in a wispy white gown like a maiden in a fairytale.
Dappled in sunlight, the tree’s lush pink blossoms and elegantly curving limbs give off an otherworldly feel.
— – —

JamesHouston11dChristy Turlington by James Houston
Featuring Christy Turlington, the epic cover shot for James Houston’s book, Natural Beauty, depicts the original supermodel’s portrait superimposed with sun-dappled branches.
— – —

JamesHouston11eBianca Balti by James Houston
Rimmed with kohl, and dripping with gold paint, this photograph of Bianca Balti’s eye and metallic eyebrow channels the avian, calling to mind a certain hawk-likeness in both markings and carnality.
— – —

JamesHouston11fEmma Watson by James Houston
Actress, Emma Watson radiates sensuality in this bare-shouldered portrait by photographer, James Houston.
Wet-haired and clutching an orchid to her face, Watson portrays an unexpected and lovely vulnerability in her mannerisms.
— – —

James Houston Photography
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