Midnight Swirl

Midnight Swirl
by Yiming Hu

YimingHu11aMysterious auroras swirl the midnight sky of this extremely remote mountain ranges near the Arctic circle. Technique Notes: This is a very complicated shot consists of 16 exposures. Fourteen consecutive frames using ISO 6300/f2.8/30-sec were used for focus-stacking and multi-frame-average-noise-reduction to get a high-quality, sharp foreground image under such difficult dark conditions. The reflection was captured using ISO 12800/f2.8/8 seconds. The aurora itself was recorded by tilting the lens to include more sky, using ISO 12800/f2.8/1-sec. The reflections, foreground, and the sky were stitched together to get the final image. The aurora was moving so fast that a slower shutter speed would have blurred its magical shape. These techniques were necessary to overcome the limitations of the camera sensor so I could capture what I saw with my naked eyes. Photographed in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

via earthshots


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