In conversation with Sebastião Salgado

In conversation with Sebastião Salgado
The man, his work, his life

SebastiãoSalgado11a SebastiãoSalgado11b SebastiãoSalgado11c SebastiãoSalgado11d SebastiãoSalgado11e— – —

 … What are your thoughts on the EOS 5DS R?
“The quality is amazing. I carried out some tests with it and produced a test print. I then took a small section of that image and blew it up to a large one metre wide print. Even at that size the image was still sharp with no degradation in image quality. But you know, I have one problem with this camera and that it that is not tropicalised. With these cameras you cannot spend all day in the rain with them, like I can with the [EOS] 1D X. But I’m sure that one day Canon will produce a camera that will have perfect weather-sealing and that amazing 50 Megapixel sensor.”
— – —

Today we present a new filmed interview on the life and work of Sebastião Salgado, one of the world’s greatest photographers. Discover his thoughts on photography, going digital with Canon, plus much more…

Sebastião Salgado Talks To CPN at: canon-europe


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