Celebrity and Fashion Photography by Mike Ruiz

Mike Ruiz is a world-renowned photographer, known for a surreal brand of celebrity and fashion photography. He is also a TV personality, former model, actor, designer and director.

Mike was born and raised in a suburb in Montreal, Canada. After working for more than a decade as a successful model, his true calling came into focus one Christmas morning, when he got a gift of a lifetime: his first camera. “I found a camera under my Christmas tree and within minutes, I was obsessed. I began shooting everything in sight. I taught myself the intricate mechanics of the camera but it was several years before I realized that I could actually make a living with my work‚” Mike says.

MikeRuiz10aKim Kardashian by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10bLance Bass by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10cJay Manuel by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10dKhloe Kardashian by Mike Ruiz
— – —

MikeRuiz10eParis Hilton by Mike Ruiz
— – —

Celebrity and Fashion Photography by Mike Ruiz
more at: rockpaperphoto


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