The 10 Best New Photobooks: Fall 2015

The 10 Best New Photobooks: Fall 2015
From personal monographs to historic surveys, these are the brightest new gems for your collection
by Jack Crager

PhotoBook10aCan Art Change the World?, by JR
This lavish portfolio of JR’s public art includes a cartoon strip that begins: “Growing up on the outskirts of Paris, while still in high school, JR starts leaving his mark,” then shows the tagging and graffiti pranks that morphed into elaborate photo-based murals, bringing global acclaim to the artist. The photobook goes on to trace JR’s most ambitious outdoor works, from creation to (in some cases) disassembly — the source photos, mounting techniques, grand results, and public reactions of photo projects from “Women are Heroes” spread across the walls of favelas in Rio to “Inside Out Project” in New York’s Times Square. The collected work illustrates JR’s creed that the street is “the largest art gallery in the world.”

PhotoBook10b— – —

PhotoBook10cWild and Precious, by Jesse Burke
On a series of road trips with his young daughter Clover, Jesse Burke creates a photo travelog of naturalistic scenes and metaphysical musings, sort of a visual version of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Inspired by familial imagery by the likes of Sally Mann and Emmet Gowin—with image titles derived from Johnny Cash songs—Burke’s pictures have a lyricism and grace that reflect the duo’s close relationship with each other and with nature, from bloody noses to dead carcasses to majestic seaside sunsets.

PhotoBook10d— – —

PhotoBook10eDirt Meridian, by Andrew Moore
Shot along the 100th Meridian—the longitudinal line that in the US extends from North Dakota to Texas—Andrew Moore’s Dirt Meridian reflects an arid and expansive terrain, often from the bird’s-eye view of a friendly crop-duster’s Cessna 180. The lensman also portrays colorful locals in the homes and taverns and cluttered stores interspersed across the land. A New Yorker with a broad portfolio of work, Moore depicts the rugged beauty and stoic characters of this high-plains Americana as if he’s a true convert. (Don’t tell them he’s a city slicker.)

PhotoBook10f— – —

The 10 Best New Photobooks: Fall 2015
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