Passion, Grit & A Billion Dollar Brand | Jessica Alba

The Secret to Jessica Alba’s Success
She’s turned The Honest Company into a billion-dollar brand—here’s how she made it all happen.

JessicaAlba09aThere are celebrities with lifestyle brands, and then there’s Jessica Alba. In just three and a half years, the actress turned entrepreneur has transformed The Honest Company, the line of eco-friendlier personal-care products she cofounded, into a big—make that very big—business. Though any Target shopper can get a sense of the company’s success simply by scanning the shelves, the stats are staggering: more than 120 products, including household cleaners, toothpaste, vitamins and diapers, all formulated without toxic chemicals. Alba and her cofounders have raised an estimated $222 million in outside investment; sales ballooned to a reported $150 million last year; some 350 people are on the payroll. Expansions to South Korea and China are in the works. The company is now worth a cool $1.7 billion.

JessicaAlba09b JessicaAlba09cThe Secret to Jessica Alba’s Success
Self Magazine, October 2015
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