Top 10 Best & Most Professional Wildlife Photographers

Top 10 Best & Most Professional Wildlife Photographers

SudhirShivaram07a SudhirShivaram07aa SudhirShivaram07aaaSudhir Shivaram is an Indian photographer. He is widely renowned for being one of the best and most professional wildlife photographers not just in India but in the whole world. He spends most of his time in the jungle trying to capture the best wildlife photographs which are technically sophisticated. He makes use of his photos to encourage protecting wildlife and nature and to increase awareness of them. He received many awards such as Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 and he is also a brand ambassador for Canon. Sudhir Shivaram helps those beginners and even advanced photographers to discover more about the nature and wildlife photography through holding photography workshops and wildlife photo tours.
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IsakPretorius07b IsakPretorius07bbIsak Pretorius is a specialist wildlife photographic safari guide. He believes in the beauty of his country and the whole continent and this is why he tries to show this by capturing top quality and stunning wildlife photographs allowing us to enjoy the best and most special moments in nature. He won several awards and his photos are celebrated not just in his country but also in international publications. He aims to raise awareness of the natural wonders that can be found in his continent.
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MarinaCano07c MarinaCano07ccMarina Cano is one of the best wildlife photographers that you can ever meet. Her photos reflect her passion for nature and wildlife. She lives in Cantabria which is located in the North of Spain, but her work goes outside this place to find her travelling to different countries around the world trying to capture the best wildlife photographs. You can find her in Europe, England, South Africa, Kenya, Cabarceno, Cape Town, Spain and more countries around the world. She published her first book “Cabarceno” in 2009 and the second one which is “Drama & Intimacy” was published in December 2012.
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