Understanding Composition

The Understanding Composition eBook
by Kent DuFault

Great Composition is The Foundation For Award-Winning Photography!
Take Control of Your Photographic Efforts!
Learn What Composition is!
Learn How to Spot it in a Scene!
Most Importantly – Learn How to Make it WORK for YOU!

UnderstandingComposition01 UnderstandingComposition02 UnderstandingComposition03 UnderstandingComposition04 UnderstandingComposition05Photographs Must Fool The Brain

When You Create a Photograph, You’re Forcing a Three-Dimensional View onto a Two-Dimensional Medium.
This befuddles the Brain- It WANTS to see in Three-Dimensions!
Composition fools the Brain into seeing what it wants to see.
Composition Leads the Brain through the photograph.
Composition is the Road Map of Your Images!

Understanding Composition
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