Focus on Nature: Wildlife photography competition

Hundreds of professional and amateur wildlife photographers submitted images to Focus on Nature, one of the monthly photography competitions run by The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

FocusonNature01The winner image, above, is by Kutub Uddin and despite its tropical look the shot of two frogs sheltering under a leaf was actually taken in his back garden in Bognor Regis, Sussex.
The 28 year old professional baby photographer said: ‘I was cleaning out their tank one evening and I watched as they climbed up a plant. When it started to rain I looked to bring the frogs back in and I caught them in these very human poses, holding onto the leaf. I thought they liked water so it was funny to see them acting in this way.’
Picture: Kutub Uddin/National Pictures

FocusonNature02Three other shots of his were highly commended, a close up shot of a wasp, taken in his macro studio, a smiling frog and a butterfly on a flower caught at sunrise in a park near his home, above
Picture: Kutub Uddin/National Pictures

FocusonNature03Second prize winner is Chris Algar’s shot of two cormorants taken at the London Wetland Centre
Picture: Chris Algar/National Pictures

FocusonNature04Luigi Calabrese’s image entitled ‘WhiteStork’ won third prize. Originaly from Potenza, Italy, Luigi says ‘ the photograph was taken in the North of Italy, on a cold March day. After several hours of waiting, during which no other animals were seen, this stork arrived just as it began to snow.’
Picture: National Pictures

FocusonNature05Picture: Vladimir Spirov/National Pictures

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Focus on Nature: Wildlife photography competition

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