Nature | Wallpaper

Nature | Wallpaper
Decorate your desktop with amazing images from the photo contest.

Photo and caption by Istvan Kerekes
The picture present a good example in which it is showing the co-existence, the unavoidable harmony between man and nature … The Starlings in migration period come in big crowds, in hordes in this region. They like this area because here is Austria’s greatest wine-growing region. Also here in eastern Burgenland is Austria’s biggest wind-energy park – exactly near vineyards where come the Starlings in big colonies. In addition, because the region is a biggest power generation area, here is a loads of different high-voltage wires, which like and prefer the Starlings for resting …

nature217“It’s lunchtime Fallow deer”
Photo and caption by Tim Moor
It was a beautiful summer’s day and I was with my 6 year old son, Freddie, who likes to say he is my photography assistant (and a very good one too!). We found a position just on the outskirts of the wood hoping that the deer would walk by finding a new grazing pasture. They did, and it happened that as they were moving in line, a single doe looked up. I took the shot and it made Freddie’s day.

nature227Heaven on Earth
Photo and caption by Hartono Hosea
Taken from Mount Bromo over view Semeru Mount. It was so cloudy at that morning so I climbed higher and higher trying to be above the cloud crossing my finger. Boom this is what I get to get the sunrise.

nature237Whooo you lookin’ at?
Photo and caption by Glen Hush
Mother and baby owl in the nest.

nature247Cotton Candy Waves (things unseen)
Photo and caption by Lee Scott
On this particular morning I was drawn to the lines in the sand, made from sediment deposits from a little river flowing onto the beach. When the surf came in, the lines were erased, but would be drawn again– new shapes and forms created in the flow.

nature257The great migration
Photo and caption by Nicole Cambré
Jump of the wildebeest at the Mara river.

nature267Morning awakening
Photo and caption by Susan Metz
Humpback Whale showing off for me in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Going out on an ultimate watch early in the morning, we were awakened by this young juvenile tail slapping.

Photo and caption by Aaron Feinberg
A lone wave breaks along the Na Pali Coast on the north shore of Kaua’i.

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via nationalgeographic

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