Top 25 Most Liveable Cities

Monocle’s 2014 Quality of Life Survey Lists the Top 25 Most Liveable Cities
“For the second year in a row, Copenhagen has claimed the number one spot. This makes the Danish capital the first three-time winner of the report. Filling out the rest of the top three, Tokyo has risen to second place and Melbourne has slipped to third. Vancouver is the highest ranked city in the Americas at 15 and Berlin is the highest riser over all, moving six places to 14.”

MostLiveableCities0011. Copenhagen, Denmark

MostLiveableCities0022. Tokyo, Japan

MostLiveableCities0033. Melbourne, Australia

MostLiveableCities0044. Stockholm, Sweden

MostLiveableCities0055. Helsinki, Finland

MostLiveableCities0066. Vienna, Austria

MostLiveableCities0077. Zurich, Switzerland

MostLiveableCities0088. Munich, Germany

MostLiveableCities0099. Kyoto, Japan

MostLiveableCities01010. Fukuoka, Japan

MostLiveableCities01111. Sydney, Australia

MostLiveableCities01212. Auckland, New Zealand

MostLiveableCities01313. Hong Kong, China

MostLiveableCities01414. Berlin, Germany

MostLiveableCities01515. Vancouver, Canada

MostLiveableCities01616. Singapore

MostLiveableCities01717. Madrid, Spain

MostLiveableCities01818. Paris, France

MostLiveableCities01919. Amsterdam, Netherlands

MostLiveableCities02020. Hamburg, Germany

MostLiveableCities02121. Barcelona, Spain

MostLiveableCities02222. Lisbon, Portugal

MostLiveableCities02323. Portland, Oregon

MostLiveableCities02424. Oslo, Norway

MostLiveableCities02525. Brisbane, Australia

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