WWF by Mark Seliger and Ruth Levy

WWF-00 WWF-01 WWF-02“Wonder World Fur.
A new species of fur.”

— – —

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France — Chief Creative Officer: Erik Vervroegen — Executive Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen — Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen, Marcelo Vergara, Fabio Mazia, Véronique Sels — Copywriter: Maria Visco — Art Director: Maria Visco, Bastien Grisolet, Marjorie Vardo — Photographer: Mark Seliger, Ruth Levy — Art Buyer: Jean-Luc Chirio, Lauriane Dula — Account Supervisor: Olivier Sebag, Alice Rinder, Alexis Delwasse — Advertiser’s Supervisor: Jacques Olivier Barthes, Aurore Mery — Producer: Elysian Fields, Thomas Geffrier, Elise Gangneux — Photoshop Artist: Asile — Fashion and sustainability consultant: Uscha Pohl

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